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George Zimmerman is Charged with 2nd-degree Murder

ABOUT TIME. It took 46 days to arrest a man who killed an innocent young boy. A lot of people don't think Zimmerman will be convicted due to the 'stand your ground law'. but all the autorneys need to prove is zimmerman had a depraved mind. I'm confident they will do just that.
I know it's a bit hasty to say a civil war might break out if zimmerman isn't convicted, but there will be a greater divide in America if justice isn't served. I hope something good can come out of this tragic death. This could be the beginning of a "New America", a platform to discuss America's toxic secrets.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No I'm not prude. I wait to honor myself, not for my alleged soul mate.
I'm not waiting for my prince. Just a love that is beautiful and true.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

"She Just Got kimbella 'd"

Things were starting to look hazy, so i took a mini vacation to Montreal. Man i love this city. My girls + poutine's it just doesn't get any better. It was exactly what i needed. This trip was amazing!

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